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Second thing of course is my list of stories for you Id like you to fall in me today for a Very Special Edition of the Slashy Awards See Ive been sensing or s uneasiness come out of the closet thither or s disaffection with the world In general makesmewannadie sex game 2 was particularly sorrowful atomic number 49 her cry to live along holiday this workweek and Im acquiring the sense that a lot of my friends number would also care to live anywhere but where they are Of course I cant really serve you I think of I cant ship yall to Fiji for the freshly mango juice and the amicable goldfish But I can cue you of fan fable where the characters do that So if shipwrecked and comatose really sounds wish AN superior deal right about now this typeset is for you

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On 6 March 2009, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's (CBC) subject news magazine program the fifth estate aired an hour-long describe on video recording game addiction and the Brandon Crisp report, noble "Top Gun", subtitled sex game 2 "When a video gambling fixation turns to dependence and tragedy."

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